Are you currently only offering online galleries for your clients?

Are you not charging your worth?

Do you feel like your clients don't appreciate what you offer?

It's time to make a change!

We have been running a commercial studio for over 7 years, and have made every mistake in the book. Trust us when we say, we've learnt the hard way. If only we had access to training like this back in 2013!

Your role as a photographer is to create gorgeous images for your clients, but in addition to that you are offering a service. What is the point in putting your heart and soul in to creating stunning photographs for them to simply end up in a drawer?

Your clients deserve to hire a professional who will guide them along the way, from styling and photographing their session right through to how to present the end results and creating something tangible for their homes.

Change your perception - you are not just a photographer. You play a part in your clients family history. You're there to create artwork that will become their legacy.

Giving your client a USB of all images is a disservice to them, and to the industry. 


You're a professional, you deserve to be paid as one. But, to be paid as one you have to offer a professional service, not an amateur one. 

What we cover;

- Who is your ideal client?

- Setting client expectations from enquiry.

- Making your clients feel special, because they are!

- Pricing for success.

- Looking in detail at your product line.

- The language and art of sales.

- How to conduct IPS.

- Using Pro-Select - sales and room view features.

- Creating good sales without being a 'sales person'.

- Getting rid of self doubt and believing in yourself.

- Customer service/after sales and why it's so important! 

Are you ready to level-up your business? 

Great, we'd love to hear from you. 

Due to the current pandemic, all IPS training is done via Zoom. 


1:1 IPS training - £399 (up to 3 hours)

Additional sessions can be booked if required.